Jhirna Forest Zone

About Jhirna Zone     Jim Corbett national Park is a giant wildlife reserve. For convenience of public, tourists and authorities it has been partitioned in separate safari zones in Corbett. Among all the zones, the best and most soothing for tourists is Jhirna Safari one. It is evident that Jhirna Zone has been blessed by more natural bounty compared to other zones. Based in gorgeous Himalayas, encircled by picturesque lush green jungle and endowed by incredible flora and fauna, Jhirna Zone is a must visit while visiting Corbett National Park.
The entry for Jhirna Zone is through Dhela Gate. Jhirna tourism zone is located within the southern part of the Corbett National Park. Jhirna Safari Zone falls in Jim Corbett National Park at a distance of 16 km from the city Ramnagar. In order to the Jhirna Zone, you need to get permission from the Corbett Tiger Reserve authorities. It’s a regular process which includes your verification of identity and address. The procedure is not time consuming and soon you get to access the park. The insider’s view of the park can only be felt by heart. It is not possible to express in words. The magnetism of Corbett, instilled by a spectacular tranquil atmosphere and isolate environment take you to the next level of Jungle experience

Flora and Fauna The terrain consists of large open grasslands, popularly known as Chaur. Its topography is mainly dry deciduous type with secondary forest. There are numerous natural streams inside the area. The stream beds are warm and accessible for exploring. There are cliff edges along with the streams, which can prove to be a good way for bird watching.

The entry into the zone is remarkable, as unique chirps of birds in wide range, and roars of the glorious tiger make the visit worthwhile. This place is blessed with tigers. The best part of this zone is the common chance of spotting tigers in their natural habitat. You may catch glimpses of these beasts while bathing, hunting or laying around for relaxing. Jhirna Safari zone is full of natural gift and specially known for its wild deer which suddenly appears from nowhere near your vehicle.

Jungle Safari The zone is graciously endowed with scenic beauty and wildlife content. You may opt between Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari. People also take part in various trekking activities to explore the wild zone in the truest sense. For morning trips, you can book your safari from six days before the actual Corbett Safari day of the trip. For evening trips, first come firs serve system is adhered. This is the only tourist zone in Corbett National Park which is open for visitors for all 12 months. It is mandatory to take a guide with you.

Gypsy Safari Charges
Indian - INR 3500/- Foreigner - INR 7000/-
Note :

  • Maximum 6 persons are allowed in a Gypsy.
  • Children below 5 years are not charged for the ride.
  • The winter safari starts from morning 7:00Am and evening timing in the winter it is 2:00Pm.
  • The summer safari starts from morning 6:00Am and evening timing in the winter is 3:00Pm.

Best Time to Visit
Jhirna Zone opens round of the year. But avoid in monsoon, because due to heavy rain forest department instants close entry inside the gate.

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