Corbett Best Time Fishing

Corbett Best Time Fishing     October /November & April - June is the best season to venture out for fishing in the Himalayan region. However, there is ample scope for angling that can be enjoyed even throughout the year in India

Process For Fishing the time to angle the big Mahseer is when they return after breeding to chase the shoals of minnows. Angling the Mahseer is a virtual battle of strength, tact and speed. On overcast days the fish tend not to bite in the regular places, therefore try out new places. Use 'hing' in your bait made of paste. Let the bait lie in a deep pool next to a big rapid and remember, patience is the virtue of the angler when fishing with ground bait. With fly you can land upto 50 pounds fly fish in the calmer areas around the rapids.
Remember there is more oxygen in rapids and the big ones are in and around these. Don't try and stop the first run, hold the line tight let the fish complete its first run. Remember the fish can see you, therefore make sure you avoid its eye. Do not disturb the water where you intend to fish, as the fish can hear any disturbances on the surface. Patiently sit it out and try for other fish.
In a snag the line remains constantly in one place but if a big fish is on the line then the line will keep moving on water and will not stay in one place. If the line is snagged don't pull or you will snap your line but if the fish is on the line and is not snagged then try to wear it out, before it tires you into making a mistake. Keep fighting and reeling in, never let the fish rest. Learn the importance of pumping your rod and keep your reel properly oiled. Also try and discard a shredded line.

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